Offline Character Sheet

Patreon-only Feature - this feature is enabled by staff manually after you become a Patron!

Offline Character sheet allows you to view your character sheet anywhere you are - and does not require Foundry server to be running! When your Foundry instance is up, you can make rolls from the Player's Companion - so no need to go to Foundry to use a weapon or roll that skill check!

Character sheet is designed to be easily printed, so you can take your character to offline session or print it for quick reference!

Roll Skill and Ability Checks
Use Items and Attacking
Casting Spells
Hero Features overview
Optimized printing (soon!)
...and more!

Compendium Browser

Compendium Browsers allows you to view 3.5e SRD compendium data outside the game, wherever you are. With power full search engine you can easily find any item, spell or power!

Mundane and Magical Items
...and more!

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